Premium steaks

Premium steaks – this is marbled beef meat, which got its name due to the even distribution of fat outgrowths. The best beef must be interspersed with threads of fat in cross-section, thanks to which the meat is very soft, juicy and tender. The taste of Premium beef will be appreciated by both connoisseurs and people who are just starting their adventure with it. Premium steaks will grace parties, barbecues and homemade dinners.

What meat to choose for steaks?

Beef meat is best bought in a proven store or butchery. The most popular piece of meat for steaks is: entrecote, Striplion,  shoulder, rump, chuck or sirloin, although they can also be made from other parts of beef. The best pieces of beef are those that have a marbled structure, that is muscles interspersed with threads of fat. Delicate white fibers are a guarantee that the meat after frying will be tender and juicy.

How to make the perfect steak?

To prepare the perfect steak, you need to follow a few rules:

  • The first step to making the perfect steak is, of course, to buy good quality meat.
  • Before preparing the steak, the meat should be pulled out of the refrigerator for a minimum of 2 hours beforehand, so that it reaches room temperature.
  • The pan or grill should be warmed up to a high temperature! The beef should fry heavily to close the leeks so that the juices stay inside, which will make the steak perfectly juicy.
  • Do not prick meat during frying!
  • After removing from the pan or grill, the meat should rest for a while so that the juices spread evenly and do not flow out immediately after cutting it.
  • Steaks after frying can be covered at the moment with a plate or aluminum foil so that they do not cool down too much.
  • When it comes to seasoning steaks, a lot depends on our idea or fantasy.  The most popular spices are: pepper, salt, garlic, rosemary and, of course, for frying using high-quality fats – oil, preferably rapeseed oil and clarified butter.
  • Steaks can be seasoned only after frying or marinated in your favorite spices much earlier.

Steak frying level:

Pans should be heated to a temperature of 180 C.
To well determine the degree of warming up of the pan, a water drop test should be carried out. At the correct temperature, which is ideal for frying beef steaks, drops of water thrown on it will not evaporate immediately, and will “jump”. However, the pan should not heat up for frying without fat for more than 3-5 minutes. Depending on the level of frying we want to achieve, the frying time varies and depends on the type of pan used and the thickness of the meat:

For the RARE steak, which is very bloody – the frying time is about 2.5 minutes. In this case, the process of shearing the protein has begun, however, the meat remains bloody and red inside. It has slightly ruddy sides and is soft to the touch.

For the MEDIUM RARE steak, i.e. slightly bloody – frying time approx. 3 minutes. The meat after cutting will be slightly pink in color with slightly flowing plasma.

For MEDUM steak, i.e. medium fried – frying time is about 4 minutes. This is the most popular degree of frying. The steak is not bloody, on the outer border it should be brown, but still pink in the middle part.

For MEDIUM WELL steak, i.e. well fried – frying time is about 5 minutes. The color of the meat becomes more brown. When touched, the meat is hard, but elastic.

For WELL DONE steak, which is very well fried – frying time is about 6-7 minutes. The meat has a brown color, in places it can even be slightly burned. Meat can be hard.

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