Delivery to Poland and all countries of Europe

We operate in the FMCG industry, which is why we understand the needs of our customers. We also know how important the freshness of goods and delivery on time is. To maintain the high quality of our products, we have our own, modern refrigerated transport. Thanks to this, we have full control over the conditions in which our products are transported.

Our fleet is equipped with the necessary devices to control and record the temperature of the cargo space, and drivers are properly trained to reliably perform their duties in the field of transport.

Using our fleet, we also provide transport services provided to external companies and forwarders. Transports are planned and carried out in such a way that the goods arrive as planned.

The transport fleet is constantly developed and modernized. We have vehicles with different payloads in order to be able to better adapt the optimal delivery variants.

We have the necessary permits and certificates for food transport.

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Countries to which we sell products

We deliver our products to countries such as:

• Austria
• Belgia
• Bulgaria
• Croatia
• Cyprus
• Czech Republic
• Denmark
• Estonia
• Finland
• France
• Germany
• Greece
• Hungary
• Italy
• Ireland
• Lithuania
• Luxembourg
• Latvia
• Malta
• Poland
• Portugal
• Romania
• Slovakia
• Slovenia
• Spain
• Sweden

Our locations

Łabowa 176A, 33-336 Łabowa
+48 18 475 14 70
ul. Fabryczna 2A, 39-200 Dębica
+48 14 681 25 30