Always the highest quality! This is the motto of our company, which is why every day we deliver the highest quality fresh and frozen beef, steaks, IQF minced meat, beef burgers and VEGE burgers to our contractors. The constantly growing interest in our offer confirms that care for quality is appreciated by our customers.


Environmental Policy

Environmental protection is at the heart of the priorities. Caring for the environment is an important value for ZPM “Zaczyk”, which is why all the company’s activities comply with applicable legal regulations, both in terms of care for the natural environment, the quality of raw meat and the safety of work and health of employees.

We are committed to complying with all applicable laws and other environmental requirements to prevent pollution and breakdowns.

Food quality and safety policy

The overriding goal of ZPM “ZACZYK” is to build a brand so that it becomes synonymous with quality, reliability, durability, care for the environment, ethical conduct, innovation and perseverance in striving to meet the expectations of current and future customers.

ZPM “ZACZYK”, specializes in the entire beef production process. The scope of the company’s activity is cattle slaughter, cutting, minced meat production as well as trade and distribution.

We strive to:

  • the highest quality and excellent repeatability,
  • Reliable logistics, guaranteeing the shortest possible lead time

We achieve the planned results by:

  • diversification of distribution channels
  • distribution of health-safe products as part of the implemented HACCP system, continuous improvement within the implemented and functioning Quality and Food Safety Management System
  • compliance with the law
  • building a friendly working atmosphere
  • care for the natural environment
  • ethical conduct

This Quality Policy is known and implemented at every level, and I will make every effort to ensure that they are adequately implemented.

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