Beef plate with onions in Teryiaki sauce.

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Beef plate with onions in Teryiaki sauce.

-previously cooked beef plate, approx. 600g
-red pepper, powder
-white or red onion 2 pcs.
-bear garlic
-Teryiaki sauce
-frying oil, approx. 3-4 tablespoons

Cook the beef plate with your favorite spices – you can also make a boulion out of it in advance – (see Beef plate boulion). Pull out of the boulion beef plate on a plate, so that the meat dries.
On the oil, sauté the onion, add The Teryiaki sauce. On the fried onion put a claw sprinkled with paprika, salt, pepper, bear garlic or other favorite spices. Fry on 2 sides, so that the meat acquires a slightly ruddy appearance. Serve with your favorite salad, chips or potatoes.


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