Beef plate boulion

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Beef plate boulion

-beef plate, approx. 600g
-approx. 3L of water
-spice type „Vegeta“

Cut the meat into strips so that it fits in the pot.
Pour water. Boil. Strain the first water.
Rinse the beef plate under running water, transfer to a pot pour about 3L of fresh water, add all vegetables and spices. The amount of spice type „Vegeta“( dried vegetables with salt) use depending on your taste. Boil. Cook over low heat for about 2-2.5 hours (you can take longer until the meat is tender and the boulion receives the perfect taste). At the end of cooking, add again fresh dill or parsley. Can be served with pasta, Chinese noodles, boiled potatoes or poured dough.


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