Achat des bovins

ZPM Zaczyk slaughterhouse in Dębica as part of its activities related to the purchase of slaughter cattle is based on cooperation with such entities as:

  • Intermediaries in the trade of slaughter and breeding cattle,
  • Farmers running farms in the field of cattle breeding
  • Agricultural producer groups
  • Entrepreneurs dealing with agri-food consulting and servicing farms 

ZPM Zaczyk slaughterhouse in Dębica offers the possibility of:

  • Settlement of hit slaughter cattle based on live weight (HPS)
  • Settlement of hit slaughter cattle based on warm whipped weight (WBC)
  • Individual valuation of slaughter cattle at the breeder
  • Advice on the optimization of feeding of cattle for fattening
  • Collection of slaughter cattle with specialized rolling stock

Each employee of the Cattle Purchase Department has:

  • Training and necessary knowledge of animal protection regulations during transport and related activities
  • Experience and skills in proper driving of vehicles intended for the transport of live animals


In order to increase cooperation with farmers, ZPM Zaczyk slaughterhouse in Dębica runs a program of service rearing and fattening of cattle, the so-called INSERTS, which is based on an intensive feeding system. Selected calves of meat breeds intended for fattening provide the opportunity to achieve a high slaughter value, translated into measurable benefits for the breeder, with a properly optimized feeding method.

As part of the above-mentioned program, ZPM Zaczyk slaughterhouse in Dębica provides breeders with:

  • Delivery of calves for fattening
  • Assistance in financing calves for fattening
  • Advice on animal feeding
  • Advice on optimizing work during cattle fattening, in the pursuit of technical and construction infrastructure existing on a given farm
  • Collection of cattle after reaching slaughter value
  • Transparency

Cattle Purchase Department – Dębica:

 +48 14 681 25 30

 +48 795 468 349

 +48 668 035 815

Łabowa 176A, 33-336 Łabowa
+48 18 475 14 70
ul. Fabryczna 2A, 39-200 Dębica
+48 14 681 25 30